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              We are reading primary school nature class,It should be learned about the basics of current.,It is divided into AC and DC power,Many people may not be able to distinguish the basic differences on these two currents.,In fact, it is like a wire 巴慕达中国在那修 rope.,Different shape ropes are also different,Then, the 巴慕达电水壶维修 difference on the communication and direct current of the current is generally distinguished from the following methods.。

              The first most convenient is also the most direct way is to use the electrical exotic to observe through the waveform.,Through this media path we can see the waveform of the AC is a wave of wavy;The waveform of direct current is a straight line.。This kind of identification is the most intuitive,It is also the most direct。However, there is another way that is to observe the evidence by means of the magnetic effect of the current.,By a magnet or a foreign shape similar to a small pin can be currently,Can be observed,If the magnetic needle has been moving,That is direct current,If there is a rotation,If you rest assured that it should be an electric power.。

              Of course, there are still many 巴慕达烤箱在那修 ways in nature.,It is also possible to observe the current table.,This method is similar to the inspection method BALMUDA中国维修网点 of the magnetic needle,The principle is the same,If it is a current table, there is a deflection,Biased the situation that is AC electricity,Otherw there is direct current。Similarly for identification,There are still many,It is also common like a lot of life to observe the light bulb.,For example, some people use diodes to identify,Two diodes can be selected,Direction connection,Generally, the communication is energized.,Diode will shine,And not glowing is DC current.。

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