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              Automation major in college,Learn,There is nothing to do with professional courses.,After graduation, I went to a unit to practice.。Because I just didn'BALMUDA音箱售后网点 t have long,The main job is to be familiar with the electric cabinet in the workshop,Join,I don't understand the machine.,I am a student who has just graduated.,Therefore, usually and the electrician masters will basically chat.,Talk to the company,I didn't know much about my work.。until one day,An engineer debugging in workshop,Everyone is around,An electrician master pointed to the computer200Program asked the engineer,The lowest value in this program is used.6400,Why isn't it from0Beginning?The engineer looked at him.,Let our new college students explain to you。Everyone looked at me at this time.,I was gone at the time.,The situation is BALMUDA电风扇在那修quite awkward now.。From that time after that time,I have a class every day.plcBook,Some past consideration simple,That is the problem of this look, you have to check the information online.,Why is it like this?。Now I think that the engineer is definitely not interested in hardness.,Just I didn't expect that I didn't even have this problem.。

              I used so many spaces to write this story that I experienced, I want to tell those beginners.,Don't be high,Doing the technology to live loneliness,To figure out the principle inside。Now I often talk to the apprentices.,Don't complain about this complaint,Practice your hard work,Going to the rivers and lakes is the last word.!

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