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              That is still a matter of time in a medium-sized state-owned enterprise in a medium-sized state-owned enterprise.,Unit New a whiteboard production line,Driven is a DC drive and DC motor,System control is Hitachiplc,There are also some control loops for AC motors in the electric control room.。Equipment installation phase We are followed by equipment manufacturers,Work is very fulfilling,Can learn a lot of things。We started busy with the equipment into the debug stage.,Regular overtime,Perhaps it is the reason of Banjiao.,It happened in 巴慕达电水壶常见问题 the process of power outage and power transmission.,Our AC power cabinet input is a knife switch,The knife switch is under the copper row16Automatic air switch。Our squad leader sent electricity to the handheld,Observing the contact of the knife switch is not in place,Use a hunch to knock the contact,The unexpected thing happened when hitting the second down.,Hammer,Just out of the copper row below,Instant arc,Mixed a big explosion,Whole copper row variant,16Empty all scrapped,The key is that people are seriously burned by arcs.,Two arms were seriously injured,Caused a full factory power outage。The squad leader is hospitalized for more than a month to heal。

              After the accident, the whole plant organizes 巴慕达音箱不工作 everyone analyzes the causes and safety education.。Through this incident, I think that we are engaged in electrical workers must put BALMUDA净化器常见问题 the electricity safety in the first place.。If he uses a dry wood to knock down the tackifier, you can avoid the occurrence of an accident.。Safe, no small things。

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                    • 以上就是巴慕达加湿器维修网点榔头引发了,更多BALMUDA巴慕达电器资讯尽在日本BALMUDA_巴慕达维修电话_BALMUDA售后服务。