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            Flexible cables are different from ordinary fixed installation cables,Pay attention to eight items in installation:

            1.Must pay attention to the minimum bending radius of the cable。

            2.The laying of the towline cable cannot be distorted,That is, the cable cannot be solved from a cable reel or a cable disk.,And first rotate the reel or the cable to expand the cable,Use the cable or hang up if necessary。

            3.Cables in the towline must not touch each other or trap together.

            4.If the drag chain is broken,Then there is also a cable needs to be replaced.,Damage caused by excessive stretching cannot be avoided。



            5.The cable must be loose and arranged in the towline,Arrangement as much as possible,Separate or penetrate into the separation hole of the stent empty block,The gap between the cables between the cables should be at least the cable diameter.10%.

            6Meet the same electrical requirements,Flexible cable is smaller than other similar cables、Light。Flexible cable bending performance is very good,Minimum bending radius can be reached5Multiplier cable

            7.The two points of the flexible cable must be fixed,Or at least the moving end of the towline must be fixed。Generally, the distance from the moving point of the cable should be the diameter of the cable.20-30Multiplication。

            8.Cable is completely moving within the curved BALMUDA台灯售后服务radius,Not 巴慕达音箱售后服务 forced moving。This can be relatively movable between the cables or with the guiding device.。After a period of operation,It is best to check the location of the cable。

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