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          作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2021-11-13 00:01:01点击:

            Many high-voltage grids now are buried.,Most of the power transmission lines outside the city are overhead lines.。Why don't you change the high voltage line on the tower to a ground buried cable??Because these grids should cross the population of rare terrain complex areas,Especially in the mountainous area,If you drive in the mountainous area,Just add the curvature of the mountain,The cable doesn't know how much you want to have?,And it is very destroyed for the natural environment.。


            If all the costs that are buried underneath, it will be high.,The reason is the following。

            1、The high voltage line rack tower is because the 巴慕达台灯故障代码 insulation distance and the safety distance are already enough.。Needless to add an insulation。Be buried,Together with high strength insulation,Special cost,And you can't guarantee if you leak,Very hidden dangers on the human body;Overhead lines The amount of carrier is larger than the capacity of the cable.,(It is the load of the belt.)If you change to a cable, you must reach the original load stream.,Then the core area must increase,High voltage cable is very expensive。

            2、The ground laying cable cost is much higher than that of the housing airline.,Drinking earthwork~Cable bridge installation~Grounding of the bridge~Finally, return to the earth,If there is a problem, you have to dig the backfill.,Very troublesome。

            3、Cooling and safe, overhead,Naked wire is good for heat dissipation,If you add an insulating layer,Will BALMUDA电风扇常见问题 make it thick to dozens of centimeters,Increase electric energy consumption。

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