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            The old king is also an electrician for the construction site.,It's also available in this industry.10Forehead,From his hand, you can see a man's heart.,The home of the old king has a son in college.,Every year, I have to spend tens of thousands of schools in schools.,Good at the son,Take local famous university,Every time I said that his son is always confident.,“Son 慕达中国售后网点 is fighting!”The old king said with a smile。The son of the old king has been college in these years.,The old king will work outside and do water and electricity.,Sadness is also practical,The 巴慕达烤箱不工作 daughter-in-law works at the shoes near the home.,The salary is not high, but the old couple can use a million yuan for a year.,But the old king also has his pressure.,Children will graduate to stay in the provincial city,But the price of the provincial city is too high,Minimum, more than one million,The old king feels not from the heart,The old couple earned money in the past few years, don't eat, not enough money to pay,And there are not many electricians in recent years.,This year is over the year4The month is coming out,Lao Wang said:“I can find it now.,Where is the temper to abandon the salary?!”。Unlike thousands of families BALMUDA电风扇售后服务 with thousands of migrant workers,The position of the electrician is dangerous because it is necessary to deal with electricity.,So there is also his specialty,Doing electrician is not the older, the more you eat,But the more technical experience, the more delicious,Electrician is a kind of work depends on technology.,Need constant learning and improvement,Improve yourself is also protecting yourself,But that is, this hazard is relatively high.,The technical and stronger type of work has always been a lot of salary,Some electrician friends do everything in the construction site.,Cement、Masonry、Hydropower, etc.,Sometimes it has become a handyman。

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