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            Many automation devices will be largely applied to the electrical system,It can be said that the entire operation and control of the device is electrical system.。This is also relatively high for the electrical system of the equipment.,Seeing that many companies are in the picture on the electrical air of the equipment, they are actually numbered.,But the operator is for your convenience,Usually choose these numbers。This is actually a very irresponsible practice.,Because the drawings do not appear in the future maintenance personnel,Once the device has failed, many numbers are found at all.,Caused a lot of trouble to the maintenance personnel。Especially many lines appear in many ways.,You BALMUDA中国不工作 can't expect that the joint is that line,At this time, the staff is very expected to have a number.,Here we advocate all staff of installing electrical systems,Reasonable numbering according to electrical drawings is a very necessary job。

            I have seen some staff not numbered my electrical components.,Later, the control system has failed,When the repair, I saw that I have almost used more people than the installation.。The process of light inspection can be installed in such an electrical system.,And there are many other people who need to cooperate,The loss caused by enterprises is bigger.。Especially in the current automation equipment,Electrical system is more important,Because these automation equipment have a high work efficiency,Similarly, its electrical control system is relatively BALMUDA净化器售后网点 complicated.。In the device that uses the programmable controller,If you don't have a clear number,Failure is difficult to handle。

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