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            People will feel very panic when they are trapped by elevators.,The excessive behavior of consciously gone,This is quite dangerous,Let's talk about the method of self-rescue when trapped elevators。

            1、Press the emergency BALMUDA手冲壶售后网点 Bamboo BALMUDA音箱维修 button:After BALMUDA烤箱不工作 passengers are trapped,The best way is to quickly press the emergency button inside the elevator.,This button is connected to the duty room or the surveillance center.,If you call a response,What you have to do is waiting for rescue。

            2、Mobile phone rescue:If your alarm does not cause duty personnel to pay attention,Or the button is also faithful.,You'd better use your mobile phone to call alarm call。Currently,Many elevators are configured with mobile phones,Can be used normally in the elevator。

            3、Cool preservation:If you have a power outage,Or no signal in the elevator,In the face of this situation,You'd better stay calm,Since the elevator is installed with a safety crash device。

            4、Ventilate:After a little stable,What you have to do is,Roll up the carpet on the ground of the elevator 巴慕达音箱不工作 car,Exposes 巴慕达净化器维修 the vents of the bottom,To achieve the best ventilation effect。Then shout out loudly,In order to cause the attention of the past pedestrians。

            5、Pick up elevator:If you call your mouth, no one has come to save,You have to save a way to save your physical strength。At this time,You may wish to shoot the elevator door intermittently,Or knock on the elevator door with a hard sole,Waiting for the arrival of rescuers。If you hear the sound outside the outside。During the rescue, the rescue has not yet arrived,Short quiet observation,Wait patiently,Don't mess with the square。

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