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              Air switch is commonly used in the family,The advantages and disadvantages of air switch quality is related to the safety of electricity in the home.,So you need to buy a quality air switch,The following point helps to buy a high quality air switch。

              1、The initial way is to see the weight of the air switch.,In general, the high quality air switch is flame retardant.PCplastic,Internal use pure copper wire,The more the number of turns, the more you mass。

              2、Next, see the arc cover inside the air switch,The arc extinguishing cover generates an arc when the circuit is short-circuited.,If you can't go smoothly, you will have a phenomenon.,This is very important,The arc extinguishing room of the national standard consists of nine iron pieces.。

              3、Whether the switch face isIECstandard,CCCCertification,Great Wall Certification,PICCChina policy quality certification,Whether there isGB10963Waiting。

              4、Try to choose the air switch produced by the regular manufacturer,Observation workmanship,Shake whether there BALMUDA手冲壶不工作 is a sound,At the same time, pay attention to whether there is a vanity of the ingredients and outsiders.。

              5、Pay attention to material color distinction,Handle color,Whether the handle feel is good。

              6、The coil is an electromagnetic induction,If the short circuit and overload sensing coil will pull the trip unit,Have a clutch,So, the number of copper coils in the air switch, the better the number of copper coils.。

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