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            Electrical products are actually a lot of details to pay attention to when installing.,This is involved in some security issues。Our staff should be delicate when the electrical components are installed.,Eliminate some security hazards as much as possible in the germination state。For example, our family's electrical line installation,Many people don't like to use the ground,This is actually very dangerous,If there are some electrical products such as a refrigerator and a washing machine in the home,Be sure to have ground。When many dangerous conditions appear,It guarantees our equipment security and personal safety。Of course, industrial equipment is more obvious.,Some special equipment is installed in installation,We see that the relevant national quality supervision department will check,Request,And the grounding effect is also tested,This is for security needs。

            Many people are easy to ignore the direction of the line of the equipment when the electrical department is installed.,When the product has failed, it will find that it is 巴慕达电水壶常见问题 very chaotic.。Here, our electrician should be as simple and clear as much as possible when installing the electrical components.,Try not to have excess lines in the electron control system,There should be no extra lines in the equipment running circuit.,Especially in machine tool equipment,If you are not careful,The equipment is very likely to cause serious safety accidents because you accidentally causible safety accidents.。If we are not very familiar with the installation of electrical lines and original,We can install according to relevant industry regulations and national standards,So security will be higher。

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