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            Recently come on the news about electricity,That is more and more,Most is about my country's increasingly developed electrical,And the huge economic benefits,But there are also a small part of some bad things about the electrical.,Mainly, there are some people who don't pay attention to safety.,Some accidents caused by the transformation of electrical products,But it is not very serious,The loss caused is not very serious。Some provinces and cities have even three accidents on electrical。

            The person in charge of the relevant BALMUDA台灯故障代码 municipal government claims,In the summer climate, it is very dry,So if you don't correctly use electrical products,Then, because of the fire caused by electrical, it is a very high chance.,Sometimes the weather will suddenly have heavy rain,For those on the surface of electrical products, it is sometimes inevitable to get some rain water.,So this will increase the chance of accidents.,It is because of such a severe form,So at this moment,We must do a good job in the work of the accident of electric products.,The occurrence of accidents in preventing products from electrical products。So whether it is for your own life and property safety or for the health of others.。We have to standardize the relevant electrical products,People who don't listen to people we will strive。

            In the middle of July,The major provinces and cities will carry out large-scale remediation activities BALMUDA加湿器常见问题 of electrical,Those merchants without licenses use electrical products privately,Will be severe punishment,For those who are not discouraged,The maximum penalty measures will be fined 30,000 yuan,It is strictly forbidden to use unsafe electrical products.。At the same time, some departments also hope that the public can actively cooperate with rectification work.。

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