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            Just got off at get off work at night,Small grandchildren in the electrician house,It is said that the cold storage host does not start,The meat in the library is naturally tied.。Little Sun Gang graduated from the technical school,Go to the unit just a year,No practical experience,Master's old king is far from the unit,Just ready to cook。Received a phone call,Master Wang began to understand the situation in the phone.。

            Master Wang first queried the temperature in the library,Xiao Sun said,I feel that it is hot than the outdoor。Master Wang also asked,Open the control disk,See if the contactor is absorbed,Xiao Sun said,The contactor is a procedure,But the machine does not work。Master Wang said,You first use a multimeter to measure air open-side side and excessive three-phase voltage,Little grandchild is finished,Say the three-phase voltage400Vollate。then,Master Wang continued,On the side of the contactor and the voltage of the lower pile head on the contactor,Little Sun is measured according to,That is,The voltage value of the upper and lower piles is basically the same.。(http://www.diangon.comall rights reserved)Master Wang said,Is there a problem with compressor motor?such,You take a lot of things in the situation.。Take a short while,Photo has been sent。Master Wang carefully saw the situation of contactors and overload protector,It is found that the colors of the pressure line screws in the middle of the contactor are different from the other two,Admonishment Admonishment small,Key check the intermediate phase of the contactor,And tell him,Do not change directly to the same model contactor to try。After the end of the phone。

            Probably20minute,Little grandchildren,Say BALMUDA电水壶不工作 that after replacing a model contactor,Machine start operation,Normal work。

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                  1. 以上就是BALMUDA电水壶维修老电工的技术了,更多BALMUDA巴慕达电器资讯尽在日本BALMUDA_巴慕达维修电话_BALMUDA售后服务。