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          作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2021-06-09 00:01:02点击:

            Factory is electrical and maintenance,It can be said that it is a twenty-eight shifts.。Hand welding、Shift light bulb、The computer installation is equal to it.。

            Say, our factory is used byS7400plc。Because Siemens' product quality is more harder,I am very annoying in usual maintenance.。The only thing that is often bad is some small electrical facilities。once,There is a base of a motor is soldered.,Since the maintenance of the master is busy,Electrical and more。Just there is a welder next to it.,There is also the next task to complete。then,Ask someone to ask yourself,Take the welding gun 巴慕达净化器维修 left hand,Right hand take welding ground,Prepare speed,Go to complete the next task。Who knows,Just when two hands just come into contact with welding guns and ground,Because the handle of the torch is broken,And the power supply of the welder is open,Resulting in current from both hands。Instant shock,Encapacity double opens the welding gun and ground。Welding machine electric shock although the voltage is small but the current is large,The two arms have been shocked by a half-day。Think about it, still anxious。

            Once again,one night,There is a lighting lighting。Because there is no hand,So don't turn off the power,Electric work(These lights are connected in parallel)。In the process of replacing the rectifier,I accidentally touched it.,At that time, people stood on the aluminum alloy ladder。This time the electric shock is almost fell BALMUDA台灯维修网点 directly from the ladder.。Ok, good luck,The ladder played a few times on the wall or stabilized。Since,Be repaired,Unless there is no longer,Repair is required after power failure。

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