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            right now,The general family is equipped with an electric energy table。The role of homes installing electric energy meters is to accumulate total power consumed by various household appliances.。Meter unit of the electric energy meter is kW·hour,That is, people in the past“degree”。One calorie indicates that the rated power is1000Watt electrical appliances use electric energy consumed by an hour,Consume1The electric energy table is walking1Word。The meter is provided on the power meter,It has five readings,The top four digits represent an integer in black grid,The last digit is in red,Represent 巴慕达台灯售后服务 a BALMUDA中国维修网点 decimal。E.g:The meter indication value of a certain electric energy table is10385,That is, this power meter has accumulated electricity.1038.5degree。General family charges are calculated on the month.,therefore,Check the readings of the capabilities every month,Check only an integer,That is, only the number of the first four black grids of the power table meter,Number of not shared red。Family actual electricity this month=This month's electric energy table indicates the number of electric energy tables last month。right now,Let us look at Xiao Mingjia together5How is the month's electricity bill calculated?。Xiao Mingjia5The number of electric energy tables at the end of the month is1128,The number of instructions on the bottom of the last month is1038,then1128One1038=90, 5Month small master is shared90Electricity。If each time BALMUDA手冲壶常见问题 the 巴慕达净化器维修网点 electricity fee is0.5RMB,Little Mingjia5The month should pay the electricity bill:0.5x90=45(yuan),That is5The month should pay the electricity fee.36RMB。

            Please do one,See how much electricity is used in this month this month.。

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