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            作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2021-11-21 00:01:01点击:

              In recent years,PV power generation has gradually become the mainstream development direction of the market.。The power sector in many countries has increased investment in these respects.,It also prompted related companies in various countries to more towed in such a development direction in the future company.。

              Just a few days 巴慕达烤箱售后网点 ago,my country's special change electrician import and export company,Through a cooperation model with Huawei company,Signed a collaborative project。This cooperative project is,my country's Ministry of Commerce is led by foreign aid company,A protocol for solar photoelectric power generation mobile household power system equipment for Botswana。The content of this agreement is very amazing,According to the news from relevant people,The agreement involves relevant500The equipment of the equipment is also training on this equipment, etc.。you can say so,This is really a big pen.。This project is said to be the fifteenth foreign aid division of my country's Ministry of Commerce for non-aid projects.,Of course, they are all implemented by our import and export companies.。Execution of this project,It also marks the first time the PV products BALMUDA烤箱不工作 produced by my country's domestic companies will put to the Botswana market.,Of course, this attempt is very successful.。This project not only helped our domestic companies to further expand the African market,And also established a good brand image in the international market in the international market.。

              Have this successful trial,I think other companies in our country will also have a bottom gas.,It is also more confident to participate in the international market.。I also hope that my country's photovoltaic power generation technology can develop better.,Glory for the country。

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