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            作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2021-11-23 00:01:02点击:

              in daily life,Many people lack electricity safety knowledge in electricity,Various electric shock accidents often appear!In some old houses,When using the electric wiring,Zero fire,Or zero fire uses the same color wire!This situation occurs frequently!

              For example, set the lighting switch to the zero line,Although the electric light is not bright when disconnected.,But the camera of the lamp is still connected,And people think that the lights are not bright.,It will be wrong to think that it is in a power-off state.。And actually on the pair of ground voltages on the 巴慕达音箱不工作 luminaires are still220 Volt dangerous voltage。If the lamp is overtaking, people touch these actual partial parts.,It will cause electric shock accidents。So various lighting switches or switches of single-phase small capacity electrical equipment,Only on the fire line,Can ensure safety!

              In addition to the lighting switch cannot be zero,The zero fire of the leakage protector is also very easy to cause electric shock.!Just like this(1P+N)air switch,Under normal wiring,The zero line is constantly open,Disconnect only the fire end!

              It is because the zero line continues to open,If the fire line is connected to the terminal of the zero line,Then even if you open it?,The fire line still charges!Outline parts,Danger is imagined!

              Learn more to understand electricity safety knowledge,Not only is the responsibility of yourself,At the same time, it is responsible for people around you.!

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