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              Electrician is high according to the level,Generally divided into five grades。High and low salary,Is determined by the level level,The higher the level,The more you get money,If you think it is, the lower it.。The threshold of primary electricians is still relatively low,As long as the junior high school is,Of course, income may not be very considerable,This needs to pass your own efforts,Teaching higher level。Now is intermediate electrician,Many light income is over 10,000。It is said that the scope involved in the electrician is very wide.,Can be based on your own time,Choose flexible employment,Sometimes BALMUDA电风扇故障代码 one can do multiple jobs,Things income is more considerable。

              Electrician wages have direct relationships with your technical level。If you have a simple motor secondary line processing problem,Treatment of lighting and other issues are generally small,This kind of electrician should not work hard to learn,I can see the way for a lifetime in my twenty years old.。Electrician professionalism is relatively strong,If you are ready to enter this line,To prepare for a lifetime。Of course, the only advantage of electrician is to find a job.,Just a place to be electrician。So, do a common electrician, this life is not enough.,Hungry。Of course, the technology of electrician is slightly better.,Wages are still。

              It depends on what electrical workers do you do.,One day to night is a light bulb,Electrician of the fuse,Why give you high BALMUDA加湿器故障代码 salary?,You wantplc,Electrical automation design,If you are programmed, you can see you don't have high salary.。That industry has primary workers,The primary works will have a low salary.,Because you do,As long as you understand people with relevant knowledge,Can do it。

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