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              Another year of graduation,The new BALMUDA净化器不工作 colleague in the unit,Remembering many people and things that they first entered into society,I don't understand anything technology.,Social experience is equal to zero。Some is just the enthusiasm of youth and the fullness of the society.。

              My first job is mechanical maintenance fitter,Maintenance machine tool。A machine tool parts thousands of parts,The teacher turns a transfer when the machine is faulty.、listen、Touch a touch to diagnose the fault,Master*Skilled technology in the process of components and parts is very envious。Secretly BALMUDA中国售后服务 determined,I have to become such a person.。

              That time is a belief——Do not remember any decent skills to build your own technology。Overtime BALMUDA中国常见问题 can not be completed,No matter whether you have time in your own time.。Not only can you eliminate malfunctions, not only quickly and accurate,Can't recurrence。In order to achieve his own goal, I have become all in addition to work.。The content of the book is not limited to the machine parts of the machine.;electric、electronic、Hydraulic and so on, the machine is desperately,Machine tip that has failed on the scene is the order。First time to live processing。Until today my bookcase also has many machine tool drawings and handwritten repair notes from the library manual.。

              I saw my own yesterday.,I saw myself at night.。That time is very fast,My own technology grows on one day,I am 巴慕达烤箱故障代码 a familiar person.,My distinguished old squad leader has retired,My teacher left this line.。Tie's battles。

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                    • 以上就是巴慕达净化器故障代码我的第一了,更多BALMUDA巴慕达电器资讯尽在日本BALMUDA_巴慕达维修电话_BALMUDA售后服务。