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          作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2021-06-05 00:03:01点击:

            The basic principle of DC brushless motor removes the carbon brush with electronic components instead。Replacing the switch characteristics of BALMUDA烤箱故障代码 electronic components to replace mechanical carbon brushing into commutation。

            DC brushless motor has BALMUDA台灯不工作 the following advantages:

            1、This will be the direction of our civilized society will be in the direction of our civilized society.。What tools do it require lowering noise to protect our sound environment。The most important thing is to use some hospitals that need quiet.、bank、airport、School, etc.。

            2、No sparks can be big in some cases, there are some flammable places.。

            3、Long life, because it replaces the commutator and carbon brushes, even more than ten times the commutator and carbon brush is a brush motor。The life of the carbon brush is to have certain limits, such as a thousand hours of carbon BALMUDA烤箱不工作 brush, will only replace the brush, can be replacement motor.。

            4、The speed is faster because of the BALMUDA电水壶售后服务 use of magnetic field sensing without substantial contact speed.。


            1、Cost of the high controller increases at least 100 yuan to take a microtor。The original commutator and the cost of carbon brushes are low.。

            2、If the environment is used is where the high magnetic field is used or in contact or with high magnetic fields, it will lose its effect.。Since the rotor member of the motor itself is a magnet that is magnetically magnetically changed to change the magnetic field of the rotor or the partial magnetic motor will not work properly.。

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