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          作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2022-02-08 00:01:02点击:

            Work control for many years,Have successful,But 巴慕达手冲壶维修 there is also a lost hand。But the main reason for the loss is complicated with the details of the details.。

            remember once,That is a production line in debugging。I am 巴慕达电风扇故障代码 responsible for debugging work in a storage canile area.,One of them has a Roots fan is a frequency conversion control.。When debugging the device,Equipment just opened,I only hear a sulf of the cabinet.,And with one Coke taste。Open the door,The inverter is smoking。

            later,Investigate,It is found that there are two phase lines in the motor junction box.。But according to reason,Short circuit,The inverter will stop due to short circuit,Will not lead to direct burning。Later, I asked the inverter after sale.,May be because the internal setting of the inverter is too long,Plus the motor wiring to short the way to cause a large current impact,The protection BALMUDA加湿器售后网点 of the inverter has not been reacted,It will cause direct burnout.。Fortunately,Because it is in the debug stage,Suppliers replace the inverter for free。

            The inverter fault BALMUDA音箱不工作 has been warning me.,If I carefully check the motor wiring;and also,If I carefully view the related parameters of the inverter before booting;in case……If I can carefully,The failure that appeared will not happen.。

            Entirely,After that debugging experience,I often use the above experience。This makes me more pay more attention to the details in every work you face.,Thus avoiding the incidence of human failures。

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                  1. 以上就是BALMUDA电水壶故障代码我的变频了,更多BALMUDA巴慕达电器资讯尽在日本BALMUDA巴慕达加湿器维修电话_BALMUDA电风扇售后服务。