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          作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2021-12-19 00:01:01点击:

            I have an electrician for two years.,Is a new soldier in the electrician。Since the goal,It is inevitable that various difficulties are encountered in work.,Fortunately, I have a good master.。My master is in the past 30 years,Question of paying attention to details in work,Highlights of its old master。

            In the case of the most common wiring,I originally grabbed the root first.,But my master is first connected to the zero line.,Finally, access the 巴慕达加湿器售后网点 fire line。At first, I am very wondering here, just as long as you can use it.,Have so many rules?And my master is just:You BALMUDA加湿器售后网点 first pick up the fireline last changed money or ground,If the remote worker is not paying attention to the electricity here,You will definitely be light!Because the ground or zero line does not pick up,The leakage switch does not work。And my next method can effectively avoid this situation.,Effective reduction of electric shock accident hazards。Let's take a look at an ordinary connection but so much.。

            And my master is treated outdoors./Box,Always completed the upper cover,Apply a thin layer of Vaseline on its dynamic joint surface,Wipe a point on the fastening bolt。The master said that this is to prevent the equipment from junction room./Box,To avoid failures such as leakage。As for the bolt, it is 巴慕达音箱维修 to avoid wind and rain, the bolt rust is not conducive to his day disassembly.。

            My master is such a person.,For 巴慕达音箱在那修 safety, for easy work,Always pay attention to the details of the work。I feel that I can learn the truth of my electrician.!

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