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              It is a maintenance technology in metallurgical enterprises.,Osterworming is always used in work,The power supply of the oscilloscope is220VACpowered by,The following is a few accidents I have encountered in my work.,I hope that everyone will pay attention to:

              Oscilloscope just bought hands,Try the quality of the test in the office,Insert the oscilloscope power on the socket,test220VACpower supply,Extreme room,Start thinking of oscilloscopes have problems,Later, there was no problem with the test port measurement of the oscilloscope itself.,Measurement of measuring table Measurement found that the negative electrode of the table pen is connected,No negative single measuring fire line BALMUDA加湿器维修网点 is normal,There is no career accident caused by the instructions before use.。

              The second thing is to arrange the waveform of the measurement code disc,There is no problem with the measurement of several motor code discs.,Time-taking a certain rolling mill,Check the line is not false,After discovering6SE70ofMEnded,Table pen refuses to cause a problem with code disk signal line;

              Third thing,Measurement in a gear chamber,All code disc waves are not normal,To this end, we rectify the code disc line,Shield and ground check,Even re-planning routes and replacement,Distinguished waveforms do not improve much。Later, my partner spirit is moved.,Pick the ground line of the power supply,The waveform is normal.。It is caused by interference from the wall ground.,Poor us how many days have a hard cost。

              Considering BALMUDA电风扇在那修 that people will always have errors,Since the oscilloscope is a full plastic,I finally decided to put the oscilloscope's ground line permanently.。I suggest you buy an oscope in the future.,Or buy battery power,Otherwise, the burning equipment is not worth。

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