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            作者:巴慕达维修 发布时间:2021-10-04 00:01:01点击:

              This year is just the 10th anniversary of your own graduation.

              I am engaged in this profession purely misunderstanding,Ten years ago, high school graduated from friends and relatives to Wuxi,Relationship between relatives, introduces me to a relatively large new plant,Distribute,I was divided into electrician groups,From then on, the way the BALMUDA净化器维修 electrical work is not returned.

              Because there is no electrical basis knowledge,Theoretical knowledge is only limited to pure ethical knowledge such as electromagnetic induction from high school.,But you are very fortunate. Encounter a more good master,And the equipment of the new factory is also more advanced,Both pure imported mechanical equipment(Germany Newmag,I should know this brand in the chemical fiber industry.)Electrical control is also pure Siemens Drawings are German and English,Three months in the internship still don't know the difference between contactors and relays,Fortunately, you are more diligent.,Early morning to the office every day Clean the table and the ground before work,With your own diligence,Finally received(I also feel now,It is very important to integrate into the team team in units.)Start from 巴慕达净化器在那修 giving others bag.At that time, I worshiped the team to engage in automation.,Don't deal with things,I can solve the notebook for a while.,I thought I could be like him.

              A ten years.Now also engage in automation work in a unit,Responsible for electrical work throughout units.Ten years of grinding a sword.Thank Siemens,The colleague said that year Learn automation Go all over the world,Ha ha Some master is singleS7-200 Can eat for a lifetime。

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