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        2. 欢迎进入BALMUDA巴慕达维修服务!
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            When we are an apprentice,In fact, many people say they are very happy.,Because you can finally walk into the job.,At work, we are also slowly studying a lot of things.。So many electric workers now,What is our growth experience?,Here 巴慕达电风扇不工作 we also make a simple explanation。 On the one hand, we become an apprentice.,In fact, it is large to see our own ability to work.,When you start or an apprentice, many people say that they are there.,It is a certain knowledge that I have learned to learn in the school. I don't quite BALMUDA净化器维修 understand how to use it flexible.,This is also normal.,But then we have to learn more.。 If you are as an apprentice,The master you follow is often given to you.,Then you should be very happy.,Because we can slowly own the guidance of others in your work.,At this time, your growth is actually the fastest.。And we will see that the master will never teach you.,When you have encountered problems that you don't understand, be good at ask him how to deal with it.。In modern industrial,The relationship between many masters and apprentices is not very 巴慕达手冲壶不工作 harmonious.。 Of course, an apprentice is actually if you work hard.,Because you have a certain basis of basics,So just three months or so, you can grow into a qualified electrician.,For a qualified electrician,To become an engineer, it is necessary for many years of work accumulation and time to complete.。

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