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              in5The end of the month, the rice ecological chain smart home is released, another new member of Xiaomi ecological chain,Millet intelligenceLEDtable lamp,The smart platform lamp is a full metal aluminum alloy lamp arm,Minimalistic design,Especially the kind of damping sense of the activity joint is just right,Easy to adjust,This is undoubtedly a designer with craftsmanship.。Couple with a viable orange,It is also a positioning crowd for the BALMUDA烤箱常见问题 smart product.。

              There is only one rotation button at the bottom,Is the adjustment of the heaveral color temperature by the brightness adjustment by the rotary encoder,Keep this entity knob for more steps to reflect the use of this product。


              Search by online searchLEDTable lamp adjustment is probably divided into three,One is controlled by the rotary encoder knob,That is, this design of Xiaomi,Another is to achieve adjustment control by tapping,The last one is to achieve adjustment through touch switches.。Through three design, it is found that the millet table lamp is the most 巴慕达净化器故障代码 human design.,Imagine you have to turn on the dark space.,Only the first entity convex design is the most reasonable,The latter two can't find the right to find the switch and adjust the switch in the dark night.。

              In addition to these mobile phonesAPPConnection adjustment These are not a problem.,These products are not engaged inAPPConnecting to the phone is not a smart product.!!

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