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              Now the electrical enterprise may be the head of the head.,And it is also very good to compete for competition.,But there is no way to achieve an advantage among fierce competition.,This is actually a very big problem.,In many cases,In fact, these companies do not pay attention to their own development concerns.,If this happens, although the situation is now able to have quite good analysis,But there is no timely response,Did not adapt to market demand,This problem is the main vulnerability 巴慕达中国不工作 of the company.。

              And this vulnerability on electrical enterprises,In fact, more is in business management.,This is what we have to say that this is now needed to learn more about corporate management.,Maybe more attention to the external environment,There is no internal overall plan to keep up with external environmental changes.,This makes us see that there is no timely change situation in that business.,So the company still has a considerable problem,This problem is actually deviation in the current business concerns.,I thought it was only possible to control the market.,Analysis of the opponent,This will do a business,In fact, it is very naive,This is also the problem that now.。

              Electrical companies are more concerned about their own development,The company is more than this is the most important development BALMUDA电水壶故障代码 idea of these companies.,Only by this way,Can let now solve the problem from its own problems,Then start from the entire overall situation,Change this situation can be changed,These are now the large-scale survival of the electrical enterprise.,Need business attention,Do it better for your own development。

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